Oportunidad de Empleo en New York City

Please note that in addition to reaching out to you via email, I am also sending your School of Education some brochures and the attached handout to share with any interested student teachers and/or alumni who wish to get more information about full time teaching opportunities in the New York City Department of Education for the 2014-2015 school year. Please feel free to let any interested prospective teachers know they can look for more information about teaching in our schools by registering for an online information session via www.teachnyc.netI look forward to hearing from your prospective teachers who want to teach in the largest, most diverse, supportive, successful and energizing urban school system in the United States. As an additional note, if you have an updated directory for the Deans and Professors in your School of Education that you are willing to share with me via email it would be of great assistance.
Para  más información favor de acceder al enlace que encontrará a continuación.

Prospective Teachers Handout



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